descartesHey everyone, it’s Saturday again which means the time has come for another philosophical story challenge. This week I’ve picked the topic of existence to be our focus. Throughout the history of philosophy it seems rather obvious that there exists a propensity to obsess over existence, both our own existence and the existence of other minds and objects. It is such a propensity which (albeit indirectly) led Descartes to his famous iteration “I think, therefore I am.” While there are many specific philosophies that delve deeply into the abyss of introspection regarding existence. I think there could be a number of good story challenges harnessed from these various philosophies; however, for this particular challenge I want us to only focus on the existence of minds. Descartes’ pronouncement of existence stemmed from his attempt to doubt all that can be doubted and so reach a necessary truth with to build his whole philosophy. It is significant for our purposes because his conclusion is much more limited than is often emphasized. He knows he exists only because he must first exist in order to think, and he knows he thinks, therefore he knows he exists. It is from this point of reference that I want us to leave Descartes behind and move on to our challenge. Suppose it stopped there, and all we knew is that we, as an individual mind, each exist individually. Your challenge is to write a story in which the characters are only minds without a physical embodiment. Remember to keep your stories under 1,000 words if you want to post them on here. Have fun!


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