honestyHappy Saturday everyone! I’m here to bring you another philosophical story challenge. For this week’s challenge I want to discuss the topic of honesty. Knowing the truth and speaking the truth are two very different things and I think I would not be alone in regarding our ability to choose how much of the truth we reveal. I think as a species we value our freedom very highly, and with it, our ability to lie. Because of this high value that I think we tend to place on the ability to lie I think it would be particularly interesting to write a story dealing a person or people who do not have the ability to lie. What would their societies look like? What would their families look like? Would they even be able to function like we do? These are some interesting things to think about, and no doubt you will in your story. I would recommend just focusing on one of these aspects or even writing a story about a single character who cannot lie who is within a society like ours that can. These are just some ideas to play around with, but whatever you choose to do, please remember to keep your stories under 1000 words if you want to post them on here. Have fun!


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