Well, it’s Friday again, and what’s more, it’s the Friday before Christmas! So, I hope everyone has their Christmas shopping done (I have one more present to get) and is ready to spend time with family and friends. Just, do me a favor and don’t forget what Christmas is all about. If your a Christian, Christmas is about the birth of Christ. It’s about the coming of the savior into the world, and a celebration of the hope in which we trust. Even if you’re not a Christian, various winter solstice celebrations throughout history have focused on spending time with family, the exchange of gifts, and the celebration of life and light in the midst of the darkest night of the year. So, don’t get caught up in making your decorations perfect or getting all the right merchandise and focus on spending time with the people that matter to you. So, on that note: today’s challenge is a basic plot challenge. I give you a setting and some characters and you give me plots and stories.

Your Setting: A small town in the middle of winter. Your world is a fantasy world where various creatures, including a ‘Santa-type’ fae creature are real (though not everyone believes they are real. This could be anything from urban fantasy to prehistoric fantasy, so go wild with your plans.

Your characters:

Dragholmin: Dragholmin is a farmer. He’s middle-aged, pragmatic, and believes in what he can see and touch with his own two hands. He loves his wife and children and treats them well, but has no time for religion, magic, or philosophy.

Thurig: Thurig is the local priest/shaman. He may or may not be a magician (depending on how you structure your world’s religions), but he is deeply religious. In many ways, he is Dragholmin’s opposite. He is a theologian, philosopher, and also serves as the town’s doctor. He loves his people and consider’s Dragholmin a friend.

Mishla: Mishla is Dragholmin’s wife. She is devoted to her husband, but sometimes finds him boorish and wishes he would open his mind a little more. She generally encourages him to spend time with Thurig.

Misha: Misha is the daughter of Dragholmin and Mishla. She is young (between 5 and 10), but already helps around the farm whenever she can.

Shogal: Shogal is Misha’s younger brother. He’s old enough to talk but not old enough to help out around the farm (between 2 and 5). Shogal is an intensely curious child.


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