images (3)Hello everyone, time for another Philosophical Story Challenge. This week I want us to dive briefly into one major part of the system ethics proposed by the famous philosopher Immanuel Kant; namely, that the only intrinsically good thing is a good will. I don’t want us to address other parts of Kant’s ethical system this week, for now I just want us to focus on this idea. If we follow the idea to its logical implications I think we have to conclude that the morality of a given action rests in the will behind the action; essentially in a person’s motivation. While Kant put a lot of effort into developing a coherent ethical system off of this belief, for this week’s challenge I am asking you to write a story that takes this idea as it is, without qualification or limit–a story in which every action’s morality is based on the motivation behind that action. It may help to think of some possible scenarios to encounter. For example, you can have someone do an action we would normally consider good, but have him do it for a wrong reason, thus rendering the action  as unethical. As usual, please keep your stories under 1000 words if you want to post them on here, but feel free to write more if you want to keep it for yourself.


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