ImageHey everyone, I hope you are all ready for the weekend! It’s time to kick off another Saturday with a Philosophical Story Challenge. Today I want to briefly describe a philosophical movement known as Anti-realism. Anti-realism is a very general term used mostly to describe any position which denies the existence of an objective reality. For example, a solipsist is an anti-realist that doesn’t believe other minds exist. Likewise, some anti-realists may deny the objective existence of matter. All that to say it is important to understand that there can be many types of anti-realists who disbelieve in different objective realities, which is what I want us to focus on this week in our stories. This week’s challenge is to write a story from an anti-realist perspective, but I am leaving what type of anti-realism up to your own choice. As I mentioned, there are a multitude of anti-realist positions from which to choose, and writing with them should not require too much effort in understanding. As usual, please keep your stories under 1,000 words, and have fun!


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