First let me apologize that this post went up late. The only excuse I have is exhaustion. I’m going to have to take a week of my break from classes and get several months worth of posts written after Christmas. So, anyway, it’s Wednesday, which means that it’s time for a scene challenge. So, if you don’t know the rules: I provide you with specific rules for how to write a particular scene.  Try to keep your scene under five hundred words, and try to keep it in the same tone as the introduction.  If I give a line that is very dark and depressing, then I don’t want to see a scene about a drunken monkey in a tutu…it just doesn’t fit.  If I do give you a line about a drunken monkey in a tutu, then you should probably try for a funny scene.

Your rules: This week you must write a 300+ word scene using sentences of no more than six words. Again, if you’ve been following the blog, then you’ve done this before. If you do this correctly then you should have at least 50 sentences in your scene. Your cue: “‘Zurn fluttered his antennae. There was something in the room. He could feel it…”

Well, I tried to give you an unusual set up here. Obviously this probably won’t be real world fiction (though it would be interesting if you wrote a story from a roaches pov). Have fun and I’d love to see what you come up with.


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