Welcome to December everyone. The month that we all spend gearing up for a single day of celebration. Up go the decorations, sales flyers, and let’s all go shopping for lots of brand new toys. Can you tell the this isn’t my favorite time of the year? I know I hide it well, but I feel like you can see it. Honestly, it’s not the idea of Christmas that I have a problem with. Honestly, I love the idea of Christmas, from Christ in the manger, to advent, to beautiful decorations, to exchanging gifts (admittedly, I not a big fan of Santa). It’s the way that it’s practiced that I hate, and boy do I hate it. I’ve been known to utter more than one ‘Bah Humbug’ during the Christmas season. However, that’s mostly because I see so many people getting lost in glitz, glamour, and materialism and entirely missing the spirit of the season. Don’t get me wrong, I like getting presents. I like giving presents. However, it’s the meaning behind the giving and receiving that’s important. It doesn’t matter how expensive the present is, or how good a deal you got on it. What matters is the love that went into identifying and procuring it. Honestly, I hate the materialism and commercialism of the season because I get wrapped up in it all too easily, and I really wish that horrible habit would go away. So, this is the idea behind your challenge this week.

Your challenge: Think about what Christmas really means to you. Not what stores say it means, or what your pastor says it means, or what you mom says it means, or what ‘the right answer’ is. I want you to write me a story about what Christmas means to you and why.


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