moralityHello again everyone; I hope those of us who live in America had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I hope the rest of the world is having a good weekend. Saturday is here once more and so it is time for another philosophical story challenge. This week’s challenge involves the origins of morality. One of the main tenets of theological philosophy is that morality cannot be accounted for by purely naturalistic reasoning; that is, given a universe which happened into existence by chance, based entirely on natural phenomena, there can be no real morality. Sure, we can have societal standards and a made up morality, but the argument is that such a made up morality is meaningless. What gives one person the right to impose their morality on another? What gives society the right to create these supposed morals? If morality is subjective, it is a lie that serves only to enslave people. However, it can only be objective if there be some greater standard. Your challenge this week is to write a story which explains which side of the issue you think is correct, and why. Do you think subjective morality can be valid? Or do you believe in objective morality?


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