thanksWelcome to the new week everyone. We’re slowly creeping up on Turkey day, and I hope that all of you are ready for the holiday season. I’m hoping to be able to spend at least some of the holidays with my family, and I think that should work out well. However, you never quite know whether things will go to plan. So, with Thanksgiving coming up soon, I thought we’d have a few challenge posts based on some holiday themes.  So, today I’m going to give you a special, very specific theme. The theme is going to draw on one of your memories, but your job is to take that memory and put it in an entirely difference genre. Obviously, none of us live in the future or on other worlds, so I want to you take your memory and write it up as either a Science Fiction or a Fantasy story.

Your Theme: Write a story about one thing that happened this year for which you are thankful.


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