cercidifilum 1105aContentment is something that’s been on my mind a lot lately. There are any number of things that can make us happy for a little while. However, learning to be truly, deeply content isn’t the same as being happy with your circumstances. Learning to be content, regardless of circumstances (something that the Apostle Paul discusses in Philippians 4) is one of the major things that I’m striving for at the moment. It’s not an easy task, and I have a feeling that I’m pretty far away from the goal. Still, I’m going to keep doing my best to keep striving for that goal. Anyway, I’m going to change up this week’s challenge a little bit! What satisfies you? What is the one thing that you need to be content? Or do you need many things to find contentedness? This is what I want you to write about today. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to write a story about something that you enjoy.

Your Challenge: Think of something that simply satisfies you, whether physically, emotionally, spiritually, or mentally. The goal here is not to simply write about a hobby, but to find something that is the core of your contentedness, and then write a story that presents that thing, and the joy it provides. This could be a first person story that explores your own thoughts and feelings, or it could be a third person story that tries to take an outside perspective.


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