220px-SimbasPrideVHSHey everyone, sorry for the late post. I’ve had a busy week and this thing slipped my mind until about 2:45 in the morning. It’s Saturday again so it’s my turn to bring you a philosophical story challenge. This week I want our stories to be focused around the innate conflict that exists between our sense of free will and our obvious lack of control in some situations. There is a line from a song in the Lion King 2 that really sums up this conflict into a single sentence: “can I trust in my own heart, or am I just one part of some big plan?” I think this question is often considered in our world today because we are constantly being told we are free and in control and yet we often feel like we are just part of someone else’s plan. There are a lot of ways this topic can be approached so I will leave that up to you decide. As always, please keep your stories between 100-1000 words if you want to post them on here, otherwise write as much as you want and go all out!

Good luck!


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