tumblr_liz8iqo5Pe1qbd1pdo1_400Well everyone, it seems another week has rolled around and its time for another Philosophical Story Challenge. This week the prompt is the question, “how do you know?” How can we really anything? If you follows Berkeley’s school of thought, the material world and all our experiences of it are really contained in our own heads. If this is true, how much can we really know of the external world? Descartes also wrestled with this and it led him to his famous quote “I think, therefore I am.” Descartes doubted everything he could doubt and it led him to the simple conclusion that he knows he exists, because in order to doubt, which is a type of thought, one must exist. From that standpoint he tried to base his entire system of knowledge. If we require 100% certainty on anything, we cannot truly say that we know it, which ultimately leads us to ask the question: “if we cannot be 100% certain of anything external, what is an acceptable level of certainty for us to claim knowledge?” There are many theories and ideas regarding this, so if you want to dig deeper for this challenge you might find it beneficial to do some research on theories of knowledge. As always, please keep your stories between 100-1000 words if you want to post them on here.


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