small-townWelcome to Friday everyone! It’s the end of the week, or the beginning of the weekend I suppose. It all depends on how you look at it. I find that my week has managed to thoroughly escape me, though I find that this often happens when I’m doing a play. Rehearsal schedules are definitely a killer. Anyway, it’s time for another plot challenge and I hope that you all thoroughly enjoy working through today’s challenge! Today’s challenge is a basic plot challenge. I give you a setting and some characters and you give me plots and stories.

Your Setting: A small country town. The maximum population should be about 10,000 people spread over a fairly broad area. This is a modern world where magic and science exist though whether they exist in opposition to one another or work in unison is up to you. This world should be a version of the modern world in which magic has always existed along with a variety of other races.

Your characters:

Paul Miller: Paul is a farmer who is really just trying to make ends meet. He works his farm, takes care of his family, and does his best to do right by his neighbors.

Shastac Lu Philor: Shastac is not human. You could go with a common fantasy race (I suggest orc or ogre) or you could make up something yourself. Either way, Shastac is not human. Shastac is the only major crime figure the town has to offer. He’s the local bookie, loan-shark, fence, etc. He’s a big fish in a very small pond, and his proficiency with magic helps him keep himself out of the local jail.

Lindsey Miller: Lindsey is Paul’s wife and mother of his four children. She’s loyal, kind, intelligent, and does her best to help her husband with the farm. By all accounts the Miller’s are a truly good family.

Mary Higgins: Mary is an officer in the local police department. She’s convinced that Shastac is responsible for her mother’s death, though she doesn’t actually have any evidence to support this. Mary is also Lindsey’s best friend. They’ve known one another since kindergarten.

Loridu Van Hauffenhagen: Loridu is also not human. He is of German not-human descent, and he is Mary’s direct superior. Loridu does his best to keep Mary’s vendetta against Shastac from spiraling out of control, and he worries that she might do something very, very stupid.


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