violenceSometimes a person just needs a broken nose. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been a martial artist for a long time, and this has given me a lot of time to consider the philosophy of violence. This comes up every now and then in my ethics classes. When is violence appropriate? How do we know that it’s appropriate? What level of violence is appropriate? Why? While this isn’t a philosophical story challenge, I hope that you do put some thought into your story. So, this challenge is simple: write a story about the topic. If you’re going to post is here, keep it around 500 words. If you post it elsewhere and expect me to read it, post a link here, and keep it around 1000 words.

Your Challenge: Write a story about an appropriate use of violence. This could be fantasy, science fiction, or modern, but it must be clear that the violence is appropriate, and why the violence is appropriate.

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