wuweiFirst of all let me apologize for the late post. Neal is going to be taking over the Philosophical challenges for a while, and he and I were out late tonight anyway. So, I’ve done a number of philsophical challenges focusing on questions from Western philosophy. This week’s challenge is less of a problem or question and more of an explanation/illustration of a primary concept in Eastern philosophy. Laozi (or Lao-Tsu) was an early Chinese philosopher and the founder of Taoism, both the philosophical branch and the religious branch of Taoist teachings rely heavily on Laozi’s ideology, beliefs, and attitudes. One of the primary concepts that Laozi put forth was the concept of Wu Wei, which can be translated as ‘non-action‘. This fundamental concept of Taoism is also sometimes expressed as Wei Wu Wei, which can be translated as ‘Action through Non-Action‘. The concept that Laozi expresses through Wu Wei is one of harmony, or (more completely) the idea that the thing that is in harmony with the Tao will naturally perform the actions that need to be performed. Wu-Wei could be described as action without striving or harmonious action. So, your challenge today is to write a story that exemplifies Laozi’s concept of Wu Wei (the four links above will all give greater details concerning this concept). Enjoy!

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