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I’ve been trying to expand the type of challenges that I give all of you to reflect a wider array of effective writing exercises and today I wanted to take a moment and gather some thoughts from all of you. So, if you would, take a moment and answer the following questions, then post a comment with your answers below:

Do you like the new variety of challenges?

Do you use them regularly (even if you don’t post responses)?

Are there any challenges that you distinctly dislike or don’t see the point of? If so, which ones?

Are there any types of writing exercises that you’d like to see reflected in the weekly challenges which aren’t currently reflected?

What do you think of the plot challenges? These are always the hardest for me to write, and I think they garner the least response.

Do the plot challenges help you think through your writing?

Are they too broad or too difficult to actually complete?

Do you have any comments or suggestions regarding the various challenge posts?

I’d like to get your feedback so that this blog can be a useful resource to increase your productivity as a writer.

2 thoughts on “Writing Challenge Thoughts

  1. HI. I love reading your blog and don’t always respond, but I read every post. I can only answer your questions for myself of course. I am a sole writer, so I can’t do any of the challenges where I have a “buddy” to exchange stories with and it is hard for me to get out and people watch much due to being disabled. I do love your plot challenges. The only problem is that they are based mostly upon fantasy. Although I don’t dislike it, fantasy is hard for me to relate to as a reader or writer. I concentrate more on mystery and suspense. I know you can’t please everyone’s tastes, but maybe if we could have some broader subject matter to deal with? I would be interested in a variety of subjects since I am a newbie. What I could use help on, is the balance between exposition and dialogue. I don’t have a problem with the dialogue as much as the exposition. How can you be descriptive and weave that into the story so it isn’t telling too much rather than showing? I would like to describe the surroundings, the way someone looks, etc. without it sounding like a laundry list of items. 🙂 I appreciate your help.

  2. Rebecca, thanks for the reply. The reason that the majority of the plot challenges are fantasy/sci-fi is that I’m predominantly a fantasy/sci-fi writer, but I’ll see what I can do about broadening the subject matter for some of the challenge posts. And I can certainly do a few posts on exposition.

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