629047.TIFWell, I finally graduated from college! Now I have time to write. And, for the first time in eight long years, go on a real vacation. I’m currently on day 8 of my two weeks vacation at Myrtle Beach, and it’s been pretty fantastic. It really is beautiful out here, and I’ve been inspired to do some creative writing, different pieces based on the different things I’ve experienced here. Therefore, I’m going to talk a little bit about the major bursts of inspiration I’ve received during the past few days.

First off, the beach itself has always been a major source of inspiration for me. I’m very much a water spirit, as some of you may remember from an earlier post on the subject. I can’t write very well when I’m away from water, and the ocean provides a veritable well of creativity for me, so to speak. Just looking at the sand and the water and the waves and the horizon where the sky melds into the sea gets my vocabulary flowing. Most of the time, as in this case, it inspires poetry. The poem is a work in progress, and it will probably not be finished until I have to leave. I may share it with y’all at some point in the next few weeks.

beachSeveral times this week, my boyfriend and I have gone out walking to look for shells. I found several very interesting ones, including a conch, some really smooth sea snail shells, a purple sea urchin with all the spines missing, and two unbroken sand dollars. I very much enjoy looking for shells, and this particular activity is relaxing enough to let me think clearly whilst I work. My Master’s thesis, currently in progress, involves mythology, and my shell-searching jaunts actually inspired something of that nature. I recently wrote my own myth, influenced by Ancient Greek mythology, involving a sea god of my own creation, and the bringing into existence of the first mermaid. Shell hunting for some reason gets me into an old fashioned frame of mind, and so I find myself writing myths and such things during these times.

My final major piece of work during this vacation stems from a late night 2 1/2 mile walk along the shore, plus the influence of a storm I witnessed earlier this afternoon. I love the dark and I love storms, which is probably one reason why I love Edgar Allen Poe and H. P. Lovecraft so much. The story I’m currently working on is definitely influenced by those two authors, and storms and darkness abound. I do my best writing at night or in a storm, and an evening storm at the beach couldn’t be any more perfect. I wish I could live here, I really do. I think I’d get a great deal more writing here, thanks to the perfect combination of my inspirational factors. And who knows? I may get even more writing done over the next few days. Where are the best places for you to write?

2 thoughts on “Inspiration from the Beach

  1. South of Myrtle Beach there is an absolutely beautiful Sculpture Garden – huge, built on the remains of two old rice plantations. Well worth a visit and take a picnic!

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