This photo was found here.
This photo was found here.

The old saying goes ‘time heals all wounds’. In my experience I’ve found that this is true. Of course, I don’t think that it’s only time. Sometimes it takes a lot of effort, and a lot of help to heal, and sometimes it just takes some time to get perspective on things. Anyway, that’s going to be the theme of this week’s story challenge. First though, the rules: You must write a story of at least a hundred words, and not more than five hundred (if you want to post it as a comment – if it’s just for yourself, then it can be as long as you want).  The story must fulfill the exercise given in this post.  So,  if I give you an exercise that requires people watching, don’t write your story until after you’ve done some people watching!

Your exercise: Write a story about a serious fight that you’ve had with someone in the past year. This should be a perspective piece looking back at the fight from where you are now. What have the consequences of the fight been? What did you learn from it? Where are you now? You can write this story as an internal monologue, or set it in a sci-fi/fantasy setting, or in a modern setting. However, the focus of the story should be on the characters internal perspective, not on the external setting.

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