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Yeah! It’s Saturday again, which means that it’s time for another philosophical story challenge! It’s time to put your thinking caps on and start seriously cogitating! Okay, you probably know the rules, at least you should by now, but in case you don’t: I give you a philosophical question, and you write a story of 100-1000 words that presents and defends your response to the question. You’re welcome to write something longer if you want, but don’t try to post it here, though if you want to email it to me I’ll try to read through it when I’ve got the time. I’m guessing that most of us have heard the phrase ‘power corrupts’, but how many of us have stopped to think through the truth of this phrase. Okay, some may be offended by this week’s question. If you are… well, I hope you can get over it because it’s a question that we need to deal with. If natural selection (survival of the fittest) is the means by which the process of evolution unfolds, that is eugenics wrong? For instance, could we be diluting the evolutionary potential of the human race by helping those who are too weak (in any of a number of ways) to reproduce to do so?

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