dust_inlineIt’s Friday, yet again! So, that means it’s time for another plot challenge. This week’s challenge is actually going to be a setting challenge. So, first of all I hope that you all have had a great January! Good luck for the upcoming holiday, and I hope you have someone special to spend it with. So, the rule for this plot challenge is simple. I’m going to give you a few rules that your setting must fit into, and you create a setting that fulfills those rules. Feel free to create a setting that you intend to use with characters that you’ve created.

1) Your setting must be post-modern, but not far future. It may be post-apocalyptic if you want, but it doesn’t have to be.

2) Your setting must contain major corporations in some fashion.

3) Your setting must include a major villain, but that villain does not have to be human, or even humanoid.

4) Your setting must be a habitable environment.

5) Your setting must be a single world, but may include a moon or other near orbit location.

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