1206131983ikx95fpIt’s February, and Valentines day is coming up fast! If you have a significant other, then I hope you’re ready for the holiday, and if you don’t… well, go out and find a someone to do something special for. Seriously, share the love people! There’s plenty of lonely hearts in the world! Go make one happy! Anyway, it’s time for another story challenge, and this one is going to be romantic! If you don’t know the rules: You must write a story of at least a hundred words, and not more than five hundred (if you want to post it as a comment – if it’s just for yourself, then it can be as long as you want).  The story must fulfill the exercise given in this post.  So,  if I give you an exercise that requires people watching, don’t write your story until after you’ve done some people watching!

Your exercise: This week I want you to write a story about the first time you fell in love. The story doesn’t have to be about you perse. You can use any setting you want, and you can feel free to create your own characters, but they must be at least somewhat similar to the people involved, and the events of the story must reflect your first experience with love… good, bad, or strange.

Have fun!

What can I say? My inner romantic is coming out. Don't be an ass!
What can I say? My inner romantic is coming out. Don’t be an ass!

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