in_defense_of_altruismWell, it’s Saturday again, and right now weekends mean time for a philosophical story challenge! So, I hope that all of you are doing extremely well this month… and considering that I’m writing these some time back, I hope that I’m doing well also. Anyway, if you don’t remember the rules for this challenge: I provide you with a classic philosophical question, and you write a story the presents and defends your response to that question. So, this is a truly classic question that if great fodder both for discussions, and just for pushing around in your head if you ever need some mental exercise. So, your question for this week: Is altruism possible? The argument generally goes that because every action has some kind of beneficial consequences for the actor (even if that consequence is just a good feeling), that true altruism is not possible. Of course, this depends on two basic assumptions: 1) altruism is only possible in an action that has no possible beneficial consequences for the actor, and 2) there is no possible action that has no beneficial consequences for the actor. So, consider and write!

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