blank-world-2-printableThis week’s plot challenge is actually going to be a setting challenge. So, first of all I hope that you all have had a great January! Good luck for the upcoming holiday, and I hope you have someone special to spend it with. So, the rule for this plot challenge is simple. I’m going to give you a few rules that your setting must fit into, and you create a setting that fulfills those rules. Feel free to create a setting that you intend to use with characters that you’ve created.

Your requirements:

1) Your setting must be a sci-fi setting

2) Your setting must be hostile to characters

3) Your setting must be habitable (note, this does not mean that the setting must be comfortable, simply that human life is potentially capable of surviving)

4) Your setting must be a single world, not multiple worlds or a starship

5) Your setting must have native entities.

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