tumblr_m1chn5VMc81rrb9iko1_500So, its the first Friday of the new year, and that means that its time for an all new plot challenge. Remember, the new year is a time for lots of new things! So, the rules for the new plot challenges: I’m going to give you a goal. Sometimes this will come with characters and/or a setting, and sometimes it will involve rewriting other things. So, you have to complete the goal using the tools that I provide you with.

Your challenge: Sit down and watch your favorite movie. As you watch, take some notes on who the character’s are, and how they are developed. Also take notes on some of the basic characteristics of the setting. What are the key setting features that cannot change? Once you finish use the same characters and basic setting features to create a plot in a different time period. For instance, if the movie is a fantasy movie, then change it into a Science Fiction movie; if its a Sci-Fi movie, then change it into a movie set in Victorian England; etc, etc, etc. One example of this Romeo+Juliet, which is a 1996 adaptation of Shakespeare’s play as a war between rival business empires in ‘Verona Beach’. Another example, and a better one over all, is Easy A which is a modern remake of The Scarlett Letter. While Romeo+Juliet altered a lot of things that didn’t need to be changed, and kept some things the same that really should have been, Easy A did an excellent job of identifying the aspects of the character and story that couldn’t change to keep the basic message, but changing everything else.

Have fun with this, and don’t be too worried if your adaptation doesn’t turn out so well. Romeo+Juliet didn’t turn out so well either. The goal here is to practice finding the things in a story that simply can’t change.

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