almost-kissing-couple-sweetHave you ever seen the movie 3 Idiots? If you haven’t, then you should go out, find it, and rent it. I promise you will not regret this decision because it is one of the best movies that you will ever see. I really can’t talk enough about how much I love this move. So… yeah, anyway, the challenge post for today. If you don’t already know the rules: I provide you with the beginning of a scene (from a phrase to two sentences) and you finish it.  Try to keep your scene under five hundred words, and try to keep it in the same tone as the introduction.  If I give a line that is very dark and depressing, then I don’t want to see a scene about a drunken monkey in a tutu…it just doesn’t fit.  If I do give you a line about a drunken monkey in a tutu, then you should probably try for a funny scene.

Your scene: “John gazed deeply into Beverly’s eyes, and when she leaned in he flinched back, muttering, ‘But, what about our noses?…'”

Have fun with this one!

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