The Hebrew word 'Nephesh'.
The Hebrew word ‘Nephesh’.

The concept that the soul is simply the memories and emotions of the person is often presented in fiction. When we talk about the soul, the spirit, or someone’s ghost we generally think about the thoughts and feelings that make up the person that we know. However, the theology of the soul presents it as much more than just the memories and emotions (both of which exist in chemical form in the brain and can be manipulated to a limited extent by drug therapies or surgery). The Hebrew word Nephesh stands at the center of the theology of the soul, and it is a very complicated word. Nephesh can be used to mean soul, spirit, body, the dead, dead bodies, life, or being among other things. It’s most basic meaning is ‘living being’, ‘living soul’, or ‘living creature’, and refers to the basic nature and fact of a creatures existence. In the Christian scriptures the Nephesh is also presented as the core of a being that is eternal. So, this is your challenge for this week: What is the soul? Remember that the only rule in this challenge post is that you must write a story that presents and defends your answer to the question.


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