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I’ve gotten kind of used to doing these philosophical challenge posts on Sundays, and people seem to like them pretty well. However, I think that I put more work into them than any of the other challenge posts except the Plot Challenges. That being said, I don’t think I’ve presented today’s challenge before, but I honestly might have. One of the most important debates in Chinese philosophy is the question of whether man is inherently good or evil. This question is of interest, though somewhat minor interest, in western philosophy, but in Chinese philosophy it is one of the questions of primary importance. Confucius appears to present both sides of the argument in the Analects, and Mencius (a fourth century B.C.E. Confucian) presented the complete argument for man’s goodness. In the third century B.C.E. the scholar Hsun-Tzu (supposedly following in the steps of Tseng Tzu, an actual disciple of Confucius) presented a counter argument that man was innately evil. So, this is your question today (feel free to consider both Mencius and Hsun-Tzu before responding): Is man innately good or innately evil? You all know the rules. Write a story that presents and defends your position on the question.

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