Just of thought for John’s study.

Well, we’re at the tale end of November for all of the NaNoWroMo people. If your one of them then I tip my hat to you, I’ve been too busy to write much of anything this month, and certainly not 1300 words a day. However, in honor of all of the NaNoWroMo participants, I want to put together a very special plot challenge. If you don’t know the rules for the plot challenge, they’re pretty simple: I give you a setting and some characters, and you come up with plots that make use of them. Feel free to add more characters, but you can’t change the setting (beyond the allowed parameters), and you must use the characters provided.

Your setting: 1) An author’s study. 2) Inside the author’s novel. The study should be fairly basic, though you are welcome to theme it to a fantasy setting if you want. The author’s novel can be about anything you want, and any kind of setting that you want.

Your characters:

1) John Michael Smith: The author of (blank) novel (in progress), John spends a lot of time working in his study. Something that his wife isn’t entirely happy about.

2) Audrey Smith: Audrey is John’s wife, and the mother of his three children (feel free to include them if you want). She was excited when John’s first novel was published, and even more excited when he was offered a deal for a second. However, lately John has spent more and more time locked away in his study, and less with her and the kids.

3) The Hero: The main character of John’s novel. The details of this character are entirely up to you, but he/she should be suitably heroic.

4) The Love Interest: This is the man/woman that the main character has feelings for. Again, the details of the character are up to you.

5) The Villain: The antagonist in John’s novel. The details are up to you, but he/she should be a dastardly person.

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