I don’t know what this is… but it definitely seems unhealthy.

Well, I hope everyone enjoyed yesterday’s philosophical challenge post. It’s Monday, which means that it’s time for a story challenge. I do hope that I’m not overloading everyone on challenges, and I hope that you all will let me know if I am. Anyway, you know the rules for the story challenges, but just in case: You must write a story of at least a hundred words, and not more than five hundred (if you want to post it as a comment – if it’s just for yourself, then it can be as long as you want).  The story must be about the theme given in this post.  So,  if the theme I give you is Life, don’t write a story about the lord of the underworld.  If the theme is War, don’t write a story about a farmer planting his crops.  Themes are very broad, so it really shouldn’t be hard to stay within a given theme, but I teach, so I know that some people have trouble with this.

Your theme: Unhealthy Attractions

You can make of this what you will. Your story could be romantic in nature, or about addiction, or simply about the stress of wanting something that you know is bad for you… another chocolate bar anyone?

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