I love this movie, and it did a good job of building tension in the viewers!

We’re almost done with this line of plot challenges. Next week should be the last challenge in your storyboarding, and after that all you have to do is actually write the story (for some people this is the hardest part). I’m going to do a comprehensive post the week after that, so if you’re new to the blog and have no idea what I’m talking about, in two Fridays I’ll be posting links to every post that has been a part of this long and exhausting (for you all at least) procedure. Last week you figured out what the climax of your story was going to be, or the ending (if you already had a climax). So, this week’s plot challenge is to storyboard from the middle of your story to the climax. Figure out how you are going to get your characters from one point to the other. Remember that the climax should be the point of highest action and tension in your story. While your beginning to middle was a lot of introduction and character development with some action thrown in to keep the story moving (you don’t want it to stagnate after all). This section should be a section of rising action. The tempo of your story should be increasing some, and your pacing should get a little bit faster. Things need to be happening both with the characters that you have developed, and in the overall plot line. You want to build tension in the reader until you reach the climax of the story, at which point that tension will be released. So, get to storyboarding and have fun!

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