This picture was found here, along with a fun article on the Indian philosophy of knowledge.

Well, I had some fun coming up with an extra challenge post this week! However, I’ve been working for most of my day, so I’m going to keep this brief. Your challenge this week is to write a story, 1000 words or less, in which you answer the question: What does it mean ‘to know’? This is a foundational philosophical question, and is followed by the question: How do we ‘know’? There are many theories of knowledge, and whether you are a skeptic who believes that nothing can be known, you rely on justifiable basic beliefs upon which to found your knowledge, you found your concept of knowledge on the coherency of your beliefs, or you believe only what you can see, hear, smell, touch, and taste (or whatever you think knowledge is) you must present your beliefs in the form of a fictional story. Make sure that you avoid creating characters who are nothing more than mouthpieces for your own beliefs, and avoid the basic logical fallacies*. You want to write an interesting and compelling story that leads the reader to your conclusion, instead of explaining to the reader what your conclusion is.

*Here is a good website listing and explaining several of the basic logical fallacies.

5 thoughts on “Philosophical Story Challenge

  1. Just a technical question: how do you manage to display pingbacks on your posts in a nice tidy list at the bottom? Is there a setting somewhere? I only found where to turn them on or off.

    1. Delft, I honestly have no idea. I think it might be a feature of the format that I chose for the blog. It’s certainly not something I did myself, I’m still learning how to make this thing work.

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