My sincerest apologies to Tobias for my lapse yesterday.

To my readers, here is a little tidbit I’ve been working on.  It’s a little shaky, but I kind of like its formation, although I think it might work better as spoken voice poetry.  What do you think?  How many allusions are you familiar with?

A Plath Work

I am something out of a Plath work,

One of Wilde’s creations.

This Miss Eyre who travels the roads

Alone and friendless, not a relation to claim her.

And while many a day goes by

That I feel so young and insignificant

In this Peter Pan Syndrome that holds me captive,

I can only wish that I was half as courageous as dear Peter.

As split as two-faced Rodya

This Raskolinov awaits the arrival

of His Sonya, the one who keeps

the Demons outside, at bay.

But despite the waiting, inside-

Inside I know that no salvation awaits;

No Sonya will appear, and I’ll

Be left Anna. Anna Karenina.

Was I a Scarlett who lost her only Melanie?

Who chased the love of Rhett away through

The lustful longing of Ashley?

The passionate pride of a young girl’s fantasy.

Or was there more to it?

Scarlett I could handle, with her passion and her fire.

But, what if I was more?  What if at heart,

I was Lord Henry, pulling the strings on my own cast of Dorians?

I am something out of a Plath work.

Inside my Bell Jar, alone I wait

For what will come of this life.

For the grey seagull to bring me what it will.

One thought on “Work in Progress

  1. Very nice work. Your flow is great, and you weave a spell of words that draws the reader into what you are feeling.

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