Okay, so this is going to be a very short, very easy challenge.  If you’ve been following along then you should have several characters, and a world with a couple of distinct countries, several cities, and a few random locations (at least), to work with.  However, we haven’t really touched on your story yet.  So today I want you to come up with a basic theme (the point of the story) and plot (what happens in the story) for your story.  A theme could be something like ‘good vs. evil’ or ‘true love wins out’. Your theme should be the basic driving point or idea of your story.  Is it action, romance, epic, etc.  Your plot could be something like ‘murder mystery’ or ‘epic battle to save the world’.  It should deal with what actually happens in your story to portray your theme.  The more specific your theme and plot the better, to a point.  For the moment keep both your theme and your plot under one sentence.  Try to be specific and relatively detailed in that sentence, but keep it a single sentence for each.

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