Can you ever have enough superheroes?

Alright, well I hope you all have your stories written, or at least started.  For now we’re back to regular plot challenges (I know, it’s been a while hasn’t it).  So, you know the rules, but just in case:  I give you a setting and characters, and you give me plots.  Try to be original, if I give you the setting and characters from the Tempest, give me a plot that’s not the Tempest.  And whatever you do, don’t give me the plot of Twilight.

Your Setting: A large modern city.  This city can be either a real city or a made up city, but it is in an alternate earth on which super-powered people exist (what can I say, I’m on a super-hero kick).

Your characters:

Apollonius: Apollonius sometimes claims to be an immortal Roman general, and sometimes claims to be Apollo himself.  However, no one knows the truth.  Powers include flight, incredible strength, quick healing, and the ability to make hauntingly beautiful music that hearers must listen to.

Sizemo: Sizemo grew up in the ghetto and was a gang member until his younger brother was killed in a drive-by.  Now he works to clean up the streets.  Powers include the ability to triple his height, and the ability to create a localized seismic disturbance.

Omnibus: Omnibus was once a research scientist at MIT, and he still does work for a number of different institutions.  He also works for the government to protect the earth from the threat of extra-terrestrial and extra-dimensional invasion.  Powers include vast, seemingly omniscient, knowledge.

Rake: Rake was raised by the streets.  He is an orphan who escaped foster care at a young age and has spent the majority of his life homeless.  While is is generally a kind person, his allegiances are always suspect.  Powers include incredible strength, superior speed, enhanced fighting skills, and the ability to communicate with rodents.

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