The Jungles of the Saru

Well, Halloween is over and we’re coming up on Thanksgiving…but I’m not a huge fan of Thanksgiving, so no themed month for it.  However, since I’ve just started a series about the Saru, I wanted to give theme at least one post on them.  So, you all know the rule: I provide you with a setting and with 1-5 characters, and you come up with plots.  They don’t have to be elaborate, but you should read over the disclaimers on the Challenge Rules page.

Your Setting: The setting for this challenge is the jungle of eastern Tob Erets on the world of Avnul, this is where the Saru live.  It is obviously populated by the Saru, as well as any number of dangerous animals, spirits, and Raksha (corporeal spirits that usually take the form of powerful/animate animals and plants).  Remember that the Saru are a primitive, tree-dwelling, reptilian people.

Your Characters:

Rahaji: Rahaji is a priest of Zeth’nk and a spirit hunter.  He is a powerful magician and a skilled martial artist who hunt down the spirits of the dead, and sometimes evil Raksha, and slays them.

Omdui: Omdui is a tribal elder who is preparing himself to meet a righteous death.  He is very concerned about appeasing the gods and ensuring that all of the various rituals are correctly performed.

Silasai: Silasai is Omdui’s first wife.  She is equally concerned with Omdui’s health and hopes that he might have the chance to die in the jaws of a righteous Raksha.

Pourna: Pourna is a young female who wants to become a spirit hunter.  She follows Rahaji everywhere, trying to convince him to teach her.  However, Rahaji continually refuses – though he has saved her from unrighteous death on a handful of occasions.

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