Addisol's father and two of his retainers.

Alright, it’s time for this week’s plot challenge.  If you can’t remember the rule here they are: I provide you with a setting, and up to five characters, and then you come up with one or more plots that would fit.  This weeks plot challenge is partially inspired by the movie Super 8 and partially by the anime Now and Then, Here and There.

Your Setting:  The setting for this plot challenge is a fantastical version of War-Torn Israel during the crusades.  Magic is very real, and happens on a regular basis.  Islamic forces summon wicked Djinn to do their bidding, while corrupt priests unleash horrific demons onto the battlefield.  More honorable forces on both sides do their best to ignore the horrors and rigors of war, and the wicked things that it drives men too, while battle both their foes and the creatures that are unleashed.

Your Characters:

Alec: A nine year old boy who was brought to Damascus as a squire.  He has seen battle several times, and is considering fleeing his duties, but has not yet made this decision.

Amim: Amim is seven years old, and was taken as a war captive during a recent battle.  He is currently held in a makeshift cell outside of the barracks.

Addisol: The eight year old daughter of a knight who was brought to war by her father, though she does not know the reason why.  She lives in the northern portion of Damascus.

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