Silicy often likes to hide in her tree and watch the goings on of the forest around her.

Alright, I hope you all are primed and ready to come up with some great plots for me to steal…um…examine…hehehehehe.  No, really, if you haven’t looked at the rules page yet you should.  I’m also going to repeat this intermittently.  Anything that you post here is considered up for grabs, if you post a scene, plot, etc on one of these challenges, and then someone else uses it – then you’re out of luck.  I will say that I do not plan to use anything that anyone else posts in the comments (or emails), and I hope that you will all respect one another enough to refrain from stealing anyone else’s ideas.  However, these posts should not be construed as a safe place to test out burgeoning ideas that you plan to run with later.  Someone else might get there first.

On to the plot challenge.  This weeks setting is a sylvan forest inhabited by a wide array of fey creatures.  This might be a forest somewhere in the British Isles, or it might be in a fantasy world of your own making.  There are mundane animals in the forest, along with the fey, and other, less savory, magical creatures.

Your characters:

Hedrick: A young stable hand who is lost in the forest.  He knows his name, and that he came from the village of Gerrontown, but he does not know how he got into the forest.

Silicy: A dryad, she is shy and doesn’t often come out of her tree.  However, she does seem to have a soft spot for poor, young Hedrick.

Yaygrum: A fey werewolf (can transform from human to wolf form at will) who is in love, possibly obsessed, with Silicy.  He tends to be a noble man, but has a savage side.

Cauldie: A hag that inhabits a dark region of the forest.  Cauldie is a vicious creature who loves to eat small children, and hates trespassers.  The section of the forest that she rules looks more like a bog than a forest.

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